Land for Living

The Sun Still Rises On Nevada

Focus Property Group is proud of its many accomplishments as a leading investment and development company in Southern Nevada. Our Mountain’s Edge and Providence communities have continued to flourish, even during the toughest years of the recent economic downturn. Focus has also worked diligently during this difficult time to reposition itself in order to be an active participant in the forthcoming recovery on behalf of its clients including its investors, affiliates and, in many cases, our previous lenders.

The core of our seasoned management is also concentrating its efforts in the areas of asset and development management and administration. We are able to access our team’s many years of knowledge, experience and relationships, on behalf of our clients, to evaluate and pursue a broad range of ventures selected from the best opportunities available in today’s rapidly evolving investment environment.

We continue to be an active participant in the community, involved in many charitable and political activities aimed at improving the quality of life in our state and our city.