Commercial Projects

Focus has developed an extensive portfolio of commercial projects, both as part of its master plan development efforts and in other commercial environments.

In addition to accentuating the lifestyles and needs of the community, each Focus commercial project is also designed to integrate seamlessly into the surrounding environment. For instance, by providing ample shaded areas and tailoring architectural designs to desert environs, Focus is able to create shopping centers that are conducive to walking and shopping outdoors — ensuring that consumers have a pleasant experience regardless of the time of year.

With the assistance of leading landscape architects, Focus has also created a set of standards and plant palettes that flourish under the desert sun. The company’s architectural themes are also carefully thought out to match the look and feel of the community’s overall architecture, integrating such things as contemporary characteristics, clean lines, organic geometric forms, rich earth tone color palettes and pedestrian-friendly streets.

For Commercial Opportunities Contact:
Darrin Badger
[email protected]