There was a time when children played in the park on the way home from school. When folks held hands on afternoon strolls. And your neighbors often became your very best friends. A time when everything that mattered was right outside your door.

Providence is a community built on the notion that some things are just too good to leave in the past. The community covers 1,200 acres on the panoramic upper west side of the Las Vegas Valley. With a dramatic mountain backdrop to the west and spectacular city lights to the east, Providence boasts a setting unmatched by any other master planned community. Some of the nation’s top homebuilders are constructing the 7,500 residences in Providence’s 30 neighborhoods — offering everything from condominiums to estate homes.

While Providence’s residents cherish the feeling of being “a world away” from the city below, they also have convenient access to every comfort. Unlike most newer community developments, Providence abuts a wide variety of existing restaurants, entertainment centers, and the exciting retail stores of the upper west side’s new Town Center. Residents also have access to recreational amenities, open space, and neighborhood centers within the community itself. And no matter where one turns in Providence, they are surrounded by lush landscapes that are not only stunning, but smart. Providence’s countless trees, flowers, shrubs and ground cover are varieties that thrive under the desert sun, conserving precious natural resources while still providing beauty and color.

By infusing Providence with a true sense of depth and character, Focus Property Group’s goal is to create a place where tradition lives and the spirit of community can be felt on each and every street. The reality of human interaction at Providence has been guided by the brand set forth before the community even broke ground. Residents are living up to the notion of a friendly, family-focused, and personally interactive community.

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