Nevada Trails

Focus assembled, planned and entitled this 300-acre mixed-use project located in the fast-growing southwest area of Las Vegas. The project was developed by Pardee Homes.

Focus salutes Pardee Homes for sharing the company’s sensibilities toward ecologically smart planning. Pardee also believes that a beautiful harmony can exist between home and environment—a relationship so balanced that it only needs good stewardship to sustain it. At Nevada Trails, Pardee encouraged habitat restoration and water conservation by partnering with homeowners to reduce the gallons typically required for home operation. Options ranged from low-flow faucets to landscape choices like xeriscape, that replaced lawns with native, water-efficient plants.

Pardee Homes also has conserved valuable resources by building homes that deliver dramatic savings by reducing the amount of energy required to operate a new home. Additionally, through LIVINGSMART®, Pardee Homes has introduced a whole new concept in homeownership. It combines features and options that are environmentally sensitive, energy conscious and just plain healthier for families. For more information on Pardee Home’s “eco-friendly” homes, visit: